Hunting in the Danube Delta

What is CLUB AVENTURA?An adventure, a club, or an adventure in a club? The basis of this club were founded by an elitistic group of bird hunters,that have achieved along the years thousands of hours of aquatic birds hunt,and not only, in the Danube Delta and its surroundings.

At this very moment we can say with no dout that the founders of this club have the whole physical,intellectual and organizatoric capacity to organize hunting parties in the Danube Delta and the areas around it. 
     The Danube and especially the Delta is an important migratory “highway” for the aquatic birds from Europe.

  The best route to start the hunt in Romania is where the Danube divides itself in its main channels and from there on into thousands of smaller channels, lakes with shallow water, swamps, flooded areas as untouched by modern devices as ever, that add up to 5000 sq.m., offering shelter for a multitude of aquatic birds.

The hunt that we propose is a real one, influenced lately by the new climacteric sesonality from Europe. 
     That is why we tell you that coming with us you will never hear the already known words ”until yesterday there were thousands of birds …………… but just today there are no more”. 
    We want to reach all our clients demands, with maximum sincerity and a total transparency. The organization of the hunts is done in cooperation with the Hunting and Fishing Association of Tulcea. 
    We want to inform you that in the Danube Delta there are no exclusive hunting areas attributed to one or another company. 
     Our advantage compared to the other prestigious companies in this domain,is that we are permanentely in the hunting fields,we are in a constant touch with the inhabitants,knowing at any time the real situation of the birds migration,and your advantage is that the price you pay to us is considerably smaller than the one payed to the organizatory-foreign companies,for the same program taking place in almost the same location.